Future Products

      The original effort that became 3LS, Inc. was started in 2007 to develop a tool that would save the lives of first responders.  To that end, 3LS is applying innovation, the science of human performance and human factors to next generation hand tool technology to develop a life saving Multi Purpose Rescue Tool for First Responders. The 2 pound, “mini-Haligan™” tool will be called the LS1.  It will consist of a open forged, heat-treated, tool steel frame with tungsten carbide cutting inserts  The LS1 will serve a range of functions that will make it indispensable in life and death situations as well as offering everyday functionality that is truly useful.

      Through testing of the current design, we have confirmed the tool’s utility and power for cutting and prying. We have calculated the jaws have a mechanical advantage of 18:1 and estimate an average person can generate a cutting force of 1,000 pounds. In our tests, we were able to easily cut 20-penny nails, communications wire, spring steel duct support wire and ceiling tile frame steel, all with zero damage to the cutting edges. This is possible because the cutting inserts are made of tungsten carbide, the hardest and most durable material in use other than diamond.

      Firefighters in scenario-based training have successfully used the tool to rapidly locate, gather and cut multiple wire strands using one hand while prone and blinded in an entrapment simulator. The pry bar component with half inch fulcrum provides a (calculated) 36:1 mechanical advantage allowing the user to lift over 7000 pounds. When the prying tool is used in its 90-degree bend configuration, in a twisting/turning motion, the torque generated can be over 150 ft/lbs to move doors and windows readily.  We have been told a firefighter in training got through a sheetrock wall in just over 30 seconds using the tool to pierce and perforate the sheetrock before kicking the hole out!

      The LS1 is without a doubt THE tool to have for every First Responder who is serious about getting the job done and going home at the end of the day!

      Look for the announcement in the near future as we are sourcing vendors and preparing another Kickstarter launch in 2014.  This one will be spectacular!

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