The People - Who We Are

      Kris Nagy is a passionate, active firefighter with a strong focus on firefighter survival. Kris holds Pro Board Certification Firefighter II and is a graduate of the National Fire Academy Firefighter Safety and Survival Course. He has 21 years of “in-the-street” experience, serving honorably in seven states with both career and volunteer departments. As a firefighter, officer, rescue technician, and a nationally registered EMT, he is a leader with a diverse background. In addition to the fire service, Kris also has 21 years of successful sales and marketing leadership under his belt. Kris holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rochester Institute of Technology specializing in Industrial Design with a minor in Graphic Design. Kris' very first job in 1987 was working for Ed Machen’s design firm in Charlotte, NC.

      Ed Machen is a product development specialist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech. Ed has 37 years of development and   management experience. He is well versed in Human Factors Engineering, the multidisciplinary field incorporating psychology, engineering, industrial design, statistics, operations research and anthropometry. Ed’s efficient work skills and management abilities result in design elements and projects coming in both on time and on budget. He has designed and managed hundreds of products and projects. He has then brought these to their successful introduction to the market. Ed has worked with defense contractors like ITT and Sperry Marine on the commercialization of defense technologies. He has also worked with numerous commercial firms such as Milicron, Ryobi, AMF, Corning, Celanese and 3M. He holds 10 US patents and has additional filings in process. Ed is a successful entrepreneur and president of the product and development firm, Xcentric, Inc.

      3LS Inc. was formed by Kris and Ed to bring their collective talents together in marketing, sales, product development and manufacturing.

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